Boerboel Females:

Josey RIP
Tickle (90.9%)
Xasha (94.0%)
• Lydia (93.1%)
Annabelle (92.0%)
Rizzo (TBD)
Blue Bella (TBD)


(Balkan Lydia) Born 4/20/2012

Lydia is the daughter of Middelpos Baron (90.2%) and Balkan Fiona (94.5%). Both parents are large dogs, and Lydia will follow suit. At 15 months she is already over 120 pounds. Her temperament, movement, and structure are like those of her mother (we had Fiona for a time). She has the agility and confidence of a true working dog, Lydia is one to watch. Lydia is appraised at 93.1%.