Boerboel Males:

Eshu (89.9%)
Piston (93.1%)
Asher (92.4%)
Cooper (TBA)


(Spitsvuur Mono 4) Born 11/7/2011

Eshu is the son of the legendary Spitsvuur Ramkat (94.7%) x Spitsvuur Maja (91.5). Eshu is developing into (as the saying goes) his fathers son. Thick boned and heavily muscled. Eshu has a beautiful head,neck and top line.

Eshu must be seen to be fully appreciated, and his temperment only makes him that much more special. Eshu was appraised at 21months old with a score of 89.9%. We are excited as we watch him grow, with intentions of furthering the development of the black boerboel.