Boerboel Males:

Eshu (89.9%)
Aldo (94.1%)
• Boaz (86.5%)
Piston (91.9%)
Nemo (92.8%)


(Balkan Boaz) Born 5/14/2012

Boaz is P.O.L. male from Blitzkrieg Basil (91.5%) x Balkan Luna (90.0%).Like both of his parents Boaz will be a large dog, at 14 months he is 30" tall, and weighs 150 lbs. He also has his fathers temperment, always glad to meet a new friend. Boaz is filling out at an alarming rate into the tall, correct male we desire to compliment our females. We are looking forward to using him in our program. He has been appraised at 86.5% at 15 months.

BOAZ IS NO LONGER WITH US. His semen is available for stud to select females.