About Whispering Creek Boerboels

Contact: David Malcom
Phone: (804) 901-5806 or (434) 983-1055
Email: whisperingcreekboerboels@centurylink.net

Our Kennels

Whispering Creek Boerboels dog kennels are spacious, heated and protected from the elements__Whispering Creek Boerboels in Virginia has over 5,000 sq ft of kennel space
view of Whispering Creek Boerboels dog kennels__Our quality South African Boerboels have heated kennels with ample outside space to exercise

Each of our dogs spend time in the house with us as part of our family, however we cannot be with all of them all of the time. In order to ensure they are comfortable, each of our dogs has a heated and insulated house in a 576-square-foot kennel. We currently have 5,184 square feet of kennel space. We welcome visitors at any time.

Our Guarantee

Our promise to you is that we will do our best in selecting breeding stock of the highest quality with health, temperament, and breed improvement as priorities. We guarantee against  the following:            

• Vaginal Prolapse while on a grain-free diet
• Entropian 
• Hip Dysplasia worse than 2/2 at 15 months      
• An official N.A.B.B.A. score of less than 75% at 18 months for dogs which meet the current N.A.B.B.A. color standard     

In the event that one of our dogs does not meet our guaranteed standard, it will be replaced with a puppy of equal or higher quality. Shipping and associated replacement costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Proper documentation as to the nature of the defect, along with proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered, is required. Any disputes will be resolved by the veterinarian of the seller.    

Selling Boerboel puppies is only a means of achieving our goal of improvement, therefore we do not require contracts. Our word is our contract, and we live or die by it. However, if you would like a contract we will be happy to give you one.